A Canvas by Zeina Nader Graces the Ritz Carlton DIFC in Dubai

In the world of contemporary art, the installation of a major work in a prestigious location often marks a moment of recognition and celebration. This is exactly what happened at the Ritz Carlton DIFC in Dubai, where the canvas “Serenity” painted by established artist Zeina Nader has found its permanent place, transforming the ambiance of […]

Solo Exhibition Unveils Zeina Nader’s Intense Universe

At the heart of Rebirth Beirut, nestled within a beautiful Lebanese house that welcomes visitors with a central hall before guiding them to three adjoining rooms, unfolds a unique and intense exhibition curated by Dr. Tony Karam. In this unprecedented space titled “Up-Close,” Zeina Nader showcases a fresh series of canvases epitomizing her personal and […]