A Canvas by Zeina Nader Graces the Ritz Carlton DIFC in Dubai

In the world of contemporary art, the installation of a major work in a prestigious location often marks a moment of recognition and celebration. This is exactly what happened at the Ritz Carlton DIFC in Dubai, where the canvas “Serenity” painted by established artist Zeina Nader has found its permanent place, transforming the ambiance of the entrance hall into a sanctuary of serenity and love.

The idea for this artistic installation originated from the inventive mind of Dr. Tony Karam, a key figure in promoting Lebanese artists. During his stay at the Ritz to organize an exhibition of Lebanese artists scheduled for February, Dr. Karam was struck by the aesthetic potential of a slanted ceiling in the hotel’s lobby. He envisioned an artwork that could magnify this space, making the lobby “a thousand times more beautiful.” Realizing this vision required unanimous approval from the directors of the Ritz Carlton and Marriott, the owning group of the Ritz through the United States. This approval process was just the beginning of an ambitious and complex project.

Realization of the Project

In October, Zeina Nader was invited to discuss this ambitious project. The artist, known for her talent and sensitivity, faced the challenge of creating a work that would find its nest in this still pristine setting. A work, entitled “Serenity,” emerged. Measuring 300 × 200 cm, it is executed in acrylic on cotton canvas and depicts a serene sky rich with multiple layers of colors. These colors symbolize the various nationalities coexisting in a world aspiring to serenity, love and beauty, thus reflecting humanity in this world of suffering.

Installing a three-meter canvas at an angle was a technical and aesthetic feat. This task involved a team of two engineers, eight workers and many other collaborators, not to mention the installation of scaffolding and other necessary equipment. The installation was completed with a commemorative plaque and strategically placed spotlights to enhance the work.

An Artist at the Peak of Her Art

As an artist, Zeina Nader embodies a fusion of talent, vision and sensitivity. Her work at the Ritz Carlton in Dubai is a testament to her ability to capture and convey deep emotions through her paintings. Her reputation as a confirmed painter is recognized not only locally but also internationally. The unveiling of her canvas took place in an atmosphere of celebration and recognition. In the presence of the Lebanese ambassador, who specially traveled from Abu Dhabi, and accompanied by 40 members of the press, including Forbes and Marie-Claire, the event attracted the attention of personalities from the world of art and society in the Emirates.

The unveiling of Zeina Nader’s canvas was further elevated by the lighting of a Christmas tree, sculpted in the distinctive style of Wissam Melhem, bringing a festive ambiance to the ceremony. The event’s gentleness was also enhanced by the melodious voices of a children’s choir who sang for the fight against cancer. Their Christmas carols filled the space with profound emotion, adding a philanthropic touch to the evening. To crown this celebration, a refined cocktail, befitting the reputation of the Ritz, was offered, thus elegantly and distinctively concluding the evening. All skillfully orchestrated by the General Manager Christian El Khoury.

The permanent installation of Zeina Nader’s canvas at the Ritz Carlton DIFC in Dubai is not just simple interior decoration. It represents a fusion of art, architecture and emotion. This work has radically transformed the atmosphere of the lobby, converting it into a space where serenity and love are tangible. For visitors, it is an invitation to a unique sensory and emotional experience, an open door to the artistic universe of the artist.

Article written by Belinda Ibrahim at This is Beirut News

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