Solo Exhibition Unveils Zeina Nader’s Intense Universe

At the heart of Rebirth Beirut, nestled within a beautiful Lebanese house that welcomes visitors with a central hall before guiding them to three adjoining rooms, unfolds a unique and intense exhibition curated by Dr. Tony Karam. In this unprecedented space titled “Up-Close,” Zeina Nader showcases a fresh series of canvases epitomizing her personal and cinematographic vision of pictorial art through a minimalist and abstract style.

In an age of relentless acceleration, Nader counters the frantic pace, urging a return to profound silence, that inner sanctuary nestled in the gaps of daily noise. Her paintings capture the “immaterial essence” of silence, visually embodying the unspoken, misunderstood and veiled emotions that words alone cannot express. This series stands as a hymn to contemplation and reflection, offering a haven far from the turmoil and constant demands of modern society.

Each canvas becomes a silent refuge, inviting viewers to step back and reconnect with a deeper self, to embrace a richer and more nuanced existence. The silent ambience celebrated in her artworks offers both a return to one’s roots and an opening to new horizons, facilitating a deeper communion with the truths buried deep within oneself.

An uncommon exhibition

One room hosts a meticulous setup awaiting art enthusiasts, where a large table displays mini canvases on mini easels resonating with the larger artworks adorning the walls. This space grants visitors the opportunity to purchase Nader’s art books, highlighting the intimate connection between words and images in her creative approach.

The same room invites viewers to immerse themselves in the “Zoom In” series. Comprising 17 canvases each measuring 20 x 20 x 4 cm, it offers a closer perspective, a detailed exploration that seems to magnify the nuances and details of the larger canvases, attempting to capture the very essence of each piece. Contrastingly, another room unfolds the “Zoom Out” series, proposing a distant view that induces a monochrome appreciation of the artworks, thus broadening the interpretive possibilities.

Before reaching the spacious terrace, visitors in the final room get a preview of the painter’s upcoming exhibition, featuring a series of watercolors sketching refined flowers with fluid contours, a subtle and delicate prelude to the forthcoming creative adventure.

Every room and every artwork urge reflection and contemplation, sketching a journey that is both introspective and expansive, thus fostering deep reflections on art and ways to apprehend it in a dynamic of perpetual movement and perspective.

Special events: dialogues and reflections

Extending the exhibition, two major events are scheduled. The first, on September 26, will feature Nader in conversation with Elsa Charabati, discussing the artist’s new book, coupled with readings by Bruno Tabbal, Claudine Ghaziri, Hassan Lavassany and Zalfa Chelhot.

The second event, scheduled for September 28, will host a conference led by renowned architect Karim Nada, Nader’s brother. Titled “Chronology with Blue,” it explores the connections between abstraction in art, cinema and painting, echoing the cinematic dimension of the exhibition.

A note to the interested: these free-entry events have limited seating, so reservations are highly recommended. Through Nader’s prism, the exhibition transcends a mere art gallery, morphing into a full immersion into the artist’s visionary world, where silence emerges not only as a central theme but also as a genuine guide, steering spectators on an introspective journey to explore the depths of the human soul where silence is not an absence but a dense presence laden with emotions, meaning and authenticity.

Article written by Belinda Ibrahim at This is Beirut News

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