I feel life in colors

Zeina Nader

Exhibiting in the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Arts of Tokyo
JUNE 2023
Currently working on my 4th book, “Mots sur couleurs” Vol. 2, which is scheduled to be released in French and English
To Be Announced



Kiss of Love

It was a cool summer evening, or was it perhaps in winter. An ultramarine blue sky and the moon were both illuminating the garden upfront. He came closer to me, and I suddenly sprouted wings. He kissed me, as the night embraced our love. A single moment can last forever as a shimmering memory, and silver shadows of delight caressed my skin.  


Scent of Flowers

I grew up watching my grandfather gardening and taking good care of his many flowers and plants.
He always took the time to explain to me that each plant had a name, and each flower had a story of its own. The essence of jasmine, the smell of gardenias, the many colored rosebuds, the delicate tulips and gorgeous geraniums, are all melted memories of amazing scents, that I still sense to this day, every time I stand in admiration of any flower that I may see.


Sun Tan

Eyes were closed, laying down under the sun. Feeling a mixture of salt and sand, hearing the melody of crashing waves right under my feet. I was numb, absent-minded and indifferent. It was so hot, I could barely think. I was listening to the colors of the beach, so languorous and slow. They were Mediterranean blue and foamy white. A sensation of happiness rushed all over me, under an enormous cloudless sky. My swimsuit was red, or was it fuchsia… Did I really care?

In love with nature’s beauty and wonders, I often find myself in a perpetual search for colors. This passion that I have, alongside years of traveling to the great cities of the world and spending much time in the most fascinating museums and galleries of the world, build up the art that I have.

I see the world through passionate eyes, which allows me to notice details that are meaningless for some, but of huge importance to me. I translate them my own way, on my canvases.

I imagine forms and colors for everything I hear, smell or touch. Each piece of my work has a story and a meaning of itself, expressed in an abstract way.

I strive to pour bits of myself with every brushstroke, to make people dream, think and smile. Colors are the pivot of my creations and the tools for my senses, as they interact with me and are the essence of my lifestyle.

Those colors bring me joy and keep me far from negativities. In a world of blacks and whites, I choose colors!

Zeina Nader