Inspired by the vibrant chromaticity of the capital city, my abstract compositions aim to evoke the pulsating energy that define urban life in Washington.

Growing up surrounded by the breathtaking landscapes of Lebanon, I developed a profound admiration for the interplay of light and color that refers to the natural world.

Therefore, through abstraction, vivid colors, and minimalistic compositions, I seek to capture not only the physical structures of the city but also the essence of its spirit – a spirit that resonates deeply with my Lebanese roots.

Just as the red roof houses of Beirut stand as symbols of resilience and tradition, so too do they find their counterparts in the vibrant neighborhoods
of Washington D.C., where history and modernity converge in a kaleidoscope of color.

I invite viewers to embark on a visual abstract journey that transcends geographical boundaries, weaving together elements of my Lebanese heritage with the rich mosaic of Washington D.C.

I look forward to inviting you, through my art, to a deeper appreciation of the profound connections that unite us, humans of the world, across cultures and continents.