Non je ne suis pas une blogueuse

Non, je ne suis pas une blogueuse – 2018

Non, je ne suis pas une blogueuse : A logbook written by Zeina Nader, in her own vision about the actual trend of bloggers, and as a painter. Released in June 2018 at Editions Noir Blanc Etc and sold at all Antoine bookstore and Virgin Megastore branches in Lebanon. You can also find the book Online at , and
Zeina Nader's Book 2018

First Book Signing at Kudeta Café, Lebanon – June 2018
Zeina Nader with her book
Second Book Signing at the Médiathèque of Tonnerre, Bourgogne, France – July 2018
Zeina Nader second book siging
Third Book Signing at Salon du Livre Francophone de Beyrouth, Lebanon – November 2018
Zeina Nader third book siging