‘Chromaticity’: Zeina Nader’s Dazzling Solo Exhibition in Washington

Award-winning Lebanese painter Zeina Nader presents her new solo exhibition, Chromaticity, at the Ven Embassy Row Gallery in Washington DC, celebrating joy and emotion through color.

On Thursday, June 6, 2024, Zeina Nader, a Lebanese painter, inaugurated her new solo exhibition titled “Chromaticity” at the Ven Embassy Row Hotel Gallery, nestled in the vibrant Dupont Circle neighborhood of Washington DC. Curated by Dr. Tony Karam, this exhibition, which runs until the end of June, highlights the vibrant and moving work of Zeina Nader, renowned for her bold use of color and her talent for evoking joy and reflection through her expressive brushstrokes.

The opening attracted an eclectic crowd of around 100 people, including prominent members of the Lebanese diaspora in Washington, American art enthusiasts, French members of the Alliance Française of Washington, including Sarah Diligenti, a great friend of Lebanon, as well as a delegation from the Lebanese embassy in the United States who came especially to honor the artist. The priest and deacon of the local Lebanese Maronite parish were also present, underscoring the cultural significance of the event.

The exhibited works sparked lively discussions among visitors, delighted to discover Zeina Nader’s unique artistic universe. Several paintings were sold on the opening night, demonstrating growing recognition for the artist’s abstract art. The exhibition is strategically timed to coincide with Dupont Circle’s Art Walk, a monthly event held on the first Friday of the month, where galleries open their doors to art lovers strolling through the neighborhood. “Chromaticity” occupies a prominent place in the Art Walk guide, attracting an even larger audience. During this special evening, Zeina Nader participated in a filmed conversation with a local journalist to discuss her exhibition and artistic approach.

The event also includes an interactive “Sip & Paint” workshop on Monday, June 10, led by Zeina Nader, which has already attracted many participants eager to learn from the artist.

The exhibition is the result of Zeina Nader’s hard work and the insightful guidance of curator Dr. Tony Karam. Danielle Moussalli, founder of Bridging Brushes, a company dedicated to promoting Lebanese art in Washington, organized the logistics and marketing of the event. Moussalli was praised for her professionalism and tireless efforts, making “Chromaticity” a resounding success.

Inspired by the breathtaking landscapes of Lebanon, Zeina Nader has developed a deep admiration for the interaction between light and color, referencing the natural world. This fascination is reflected in her works through the use of vivid colors and minimalist compositions, evoking not only the physical structures of the city but also its soul. The artist draws a fascinating parallel between the red-roofed houses of Beirut, symbols of resilience and tradition, and the dynamic neighborhoods of Washington DC, where history and modernity converge in a kaleidoscope of colors. This connection transcends geographical boundaries and invites viewers to appreciate the deep bonds that unite people across cultures and continents.

Curator Dr. Tony Karam emphasizes Nader’s minimalist approach in the construction and form of her works, allowing for a deeper exploration of emotions. Abstract art, when it takes shape on canvas, has the power to convey the purest feelings to the observer, and this is precisely what Zeina Nader achieves through “Chromaticity.”

A graduate in Communication Arts from Saint Joseph University in Beirut, Zeina Nader chose to pursue her initial passion for painting and writing, recognizing that all arts communicate with each other. Her impressive artistic journey has led her to exhibit her works worldwide, from New York to Tokyo, Paris, London, Madrid, Milan, Monaco, Copenhagen, and Bruges. In 2022, she celebrated her 100th exhibition in Barcelona, testifying to her international renown.

In addition to her work as a visual artist, Zeina Nader is also an author and art columnist for international media outlets Ici Beyrouth and This is Beirut. A polyglot, she speaks five languages and teaches art to students of all ages.

Nader’s works have been acquired by prestigious institutions such as the Peoria Riverfront Museum in the United States, the London School of Economics in the United Kingdom, and the Ritz-Carlton DIFC in Dubai, where they are on permanent display. Her paintings are also part of several public and private collections.

For Zeina Nader, life itself is the greatest work of art. Her exhibition “Chromaticity” is an invitation to embark on an abstract visual journey, celebrating the richness of colors and the vibrant energy that unite Washington DC and Beirut.

Béatrice Moreau

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