Hungarian Rhapsody


Hungarian Rhapsody No.2Franz Liszt / Vladimir Horowitz / Tony Karam

Piano played by Dr. Tony Karam

Each painting comes with a CD containing the full version of the music which inspired it.


The mixture between compositional ambition, and virtuosic showmanship, is best depicted in this famous Rhapsody composed by a genius composer and virtuoso pianist, Franz Liszt. It was transcribed by Vladimir Horowitz and varied again by Tony Karam.

Pianists usually avoid playing this work when it comes to live concerts.

The reasons are obvious.

Interestingly, William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, both of Lebanese origins and the creators of the famous Tom and Jerry cartoon, added to the fame of this piece when they had Tom fight Jerry who tried to disrupt his concert without missing a note!

Painting Dimensions: (h x w)

200cm X 200cm


Acrylic on Jute

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