Monochromes Polychromes

Monochromes Polychromes

Surging out of a Monochrome is a color abstraction, giving birth to hidden emotions. An abstraction seeking a glow, a scent and the perfume of that exquisite emotion.

Erupting from a polychromic palette, it unveils every hidden shape within the stroke of the artist’s brush.

At that solemn moment, all facets of illusion bring the canvas to life. All colors of madness are impregnated with black and white, while silence blurs the final touch.

And… The sweetest form of a fine line shooting itself in the curve of a Woman’s posterior, slides along an eyelash to wipe a tear draining the canvas. And the abstraction reveals itself in the melting line.

Being the sublime merge of colors, black and white splash them all, everywhere.

Pigments and fragments of light cradle themselves within a chromatic aberration. Blurring down the sights, they all end up drowning in their own texture’s density.