Monochromes Polychromes

My last solo show in Beirut took place in 2016, at 392Rmeil393 gallery. The opening night was on November 10. It was a great experience where I exhibited around 60 abstract artworks from all sizes. I received a beautiful feedback from the visitors and the press. The painting on the cover of the invitation card […]

Art is Everywhere

You sometimes feel your painting is an absolute failure. You want to literally tear up the canvas and you lose confidence. So you throw your brushes away and you get rid of your palettes. Then you have an ultimate look at the grass and you just discover the artwork of the day! Art is everywhere! […]

Painting Workshops in the South of Italy

On my mind a sandy beach by the Adriatic Sea, colors that leak from the heart, easels embracing canvases, paintings done by artists in swimsuits, great maestri who only call themselves amateurs, the sun caressing my shoulders, friends of all ages, different enriching cultures, one language: Art, one sky: Love. Sometimes you need to travel […]