Sonata No.1Sergei Prokofiev

Piano played by Dr. Tony Karam

Each painting comes with a CD containing the full version of the music which inspired it.


Composed when Prokofiev was 19 years old, this single movement Sonata captures the genius of a composer who in later years placed his mark on the musical scene to be one of the most technically challenging composers of the 20th century.

One can hear the beautiful melody across the Sonata and one cannot but admire the difficulty imposed on every finger to hit the keyboard.

A piece that is rarely played in concert comes to life as it pays tribute to a city, intricate in its nature, and young in its ability to revolt and build and rebuild facing all the complexities of the modern times.

Painting Dimensions: (h x w)

160cm X 160cm


Acrylic on Jute

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