LA CAMPANELLA (Little Bell) – Franz Liszt

Piano played by Dr. Tony Karam

Each painting comes with a CD containing the full version of the music which inspired it.


When one searches for “the most technically challenging piano work ever written”, La Campanella by Franz Liszt almost always comes up at the top of the results.

Its enormous jumps of the right hand played at uncomfortable speed tempos are often coupled with huge jumps of the left hand. At times, two consecutive notes are 35 steps apart, and have to be played with no time for the pianist to adjust hand positions in order to avoid muscle tension.  The physical demands of this work are of such magnitude that pianists avoid playing it in concerts.

It is of little surprise that Liszt adapted this piece from one of the Six Grand Etudes of Paganini the famous virtuoso violinists most famous for his technically challenging violin compositions.

All of this, without compromising the beautiful and charming melody of the bells as heard in the Italian countryside.

A message of hope to the people of Lebanon, the bells will always chime.

Painting Dimensions: (h x w)

200cm X 200cm


Acrylic and Oil Pastels on Jute

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