Ballade No.1 – Chopin

Piano played by Dr. Tony Karam

Each painting comes with a CD containing the full version of the music which inspired it.


Writing to a friend, Robert Schumann described this work as:

“the piece that shows most genius, and I told him (Chopin) I liked it the most of all his works”

One of the most compelling introductions in music weaves into an intricate melody, which is introduced in a minor tone and later on repeats in a major tone.  The work intertwines the melody between the right and the left hands, and gradually builds momentum to reveal a muscular and demanding dexterity without losing the underlying subtle and simple theme.

A complex work that tickles the brain but at all times touches the heart.

We are a synergy between mind and heart

Painting Dimensions: (h x w)

100cm X 200cm


Acrylic on Jute

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