ElegieSergei Rachmaninoff

Piano played by Dr. Tony Karam

Each painting comes with a CD containing the full version of the music which inspired it.


A philosopher of music, the softness and fluidity of the Elegie sets itself apart from the explosive nature of Rachmaninoff’s other typical creations.

Sad without being depressing, melancholic without being banal, the Elegie ends with a forte in a major key, conforming to Rachmaninoff’s claim that emotions are in constant movement.

The rivalry between Rachmaninoff and Prokofiev to compose technically challenging pieces started out with the smaller pieces and continued on to the sophisticated concertos.  The Prelude Op.32 No.8 is a perfect example of playfulness around the keys of the piano.

From Tragedy to Playfulness, the spectrum of life is covered.

Painting Dimensions: (h x w)

120cm X 120cm


Acrylic on Linen

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