Art Critic by Italian Art Curator Silvia Grassi

The colors and images they create are perceived not only with sight, but with all the senses. A color manages to evoke, in each of us, a sound, a perfume, a texture, a sensation, a memory. The mind instinctively associates each color with an emotion, whether positive or negative. In the Lebanese artist Zeina Nader this ability is expressed at its maximum power.

As she tells us, since she was a child, she had this innate gift of perceiving a mixture of sounds, feelings and emotions associated with shapes and colors: every emotion was and is an explosion of colors inside her. Abstract art is for Zeina the means through which she is able to express this Synesthesia of hers. Finding ourselves in front of her works and observing them, something unique and special really happens: we read the title, we move our gaze to the canvas and immediately a story, an emotion, the frame of a moment is revealed before our eyes.

The works presented for this exhibition are a clear example of this. Zeina tells us here three moments full of emotions in her life.

In “Kiss of Love” we are catapulted under that starry sky illuminated by the silver light of the moon, which created the perfect atmosphere for a sweet kiss, which makes the heart and mind fly among the stars. So, just like the stars, the eyes sparkle when this sweet memory resounds in the mind.

“Turquoise Water” is instead the perfect snapshot of the intense turquoise of the Italian waters of Capri. Now we too, observing the canvas, are able to experience that sensation of diving into the crystalline blue waters, feeling the freshness of the sea on the skin, letting ourselves be lulled by the music of the waves.

In the work “Bicycle Fall” instead Zeina tells us an episode from her childhood, transports us to a memory of her: a moment in which the excitement has turned into a sudden physical pain of a fall. We really feel that burning and that sensation on our own skin. The instinctiveness and viscerality of the artist’s emotions explode on her canvases and then radiate in anyone who gets overwhelmed and excited at same time.

Art Curator Silvia Grassi

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