A Nice Experience

Today I had a nice experience with the patients, at the drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, to whom I give painting courses.

We worked simultaneously on the same painting, each one on his own canvas. They were following my steps, with the same sizes of the brushes and the same colors.

And this was the result!

It was a great achievement, specially for certain persons who never painted before. Time passed very smoothly, and beyond the normal schedule of the session. They were thrilled to notice they could do something artistic and creative out of their own hands and all of that made me very very happy.

I’m sharing this with you because I would like to point out, once more, on how creative each one of us could be, even the ones who think they are a hopeless case, and how much satisfaction it gives to spend some quality time while doing a little work of art!

Painting is spreading colors from within the soul. Each tonality is a beautiful “peace” of art that is brought back to the heart of the one who offers it.

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