Artist’s Statement

I am in love with nature’s beauty and wonders, and I often feel as if I am in a perpetual search for colors. All of this, as well as my interest in all other forms of art and my years of traveling to the great cities of the world and spending time in their museums and galleries, feeds into my art.

I look at the world with a passionate point of view. My eyes see details that might not be important for others but that mean a lot to me. I translate them my own way, on my canvases. It’s all in my senses. I imagine forms and colors to everything I listen to, smell or touch. Each work has a story and a meaning, though expressed in an abstract way.

I aim to put a little bit of myself in each brushstroke, and for my work to make people dream, think and smile.
Colors are the pivot of my creations because they are the tools of my sensations. They communicate with me and they are the essence of my whole lifestyle. Colors make me happy and I refuse all negative feelings. In a world of black and white, I choose colors!

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