I am in love with nature’s beauty and wonders, and I often feel as if I am in a perpetual search for colors. All of this, as well as my interest in all other forms of art and my years of traveling to the great cities of the world and spending time in their museums and galleries, feeds into my art.

I look at the world with a passionate eye. I see details that might not be important for others but mean a lot to me. I translate them my own way, on my canvases. I imagine forms and colors for everything I listen to, smell or touch. Each work has a story and a meaning, expressed in an abstract way.

I aim to pour myself in every brushstroke, for my work to make people dream, think and smile.
Colors are the pivot of my creations and are the tools of my sensations. They communicate with me and are the essence of my lifestyle. They make me happy and I refuse negative feelings. In a world of black and white, I choose colors!

Born in 1973 in Lebanon, Zeina Nader is an award winning Lebanese painter. She exhibited her art in cities around the world (NYC, Paris, London, Madrid, Milan, Monaco, Copenhagen, Bruges, etc).

She initially holds a degree in communication arts from IESAV – USJ, in Beirut.

Although her career was promising in the fields of theatre, cinema or photography, she went back to her first love of all art fields : painting.

She started to use her brush as a hobby, and she tried all kinds of materials or supports (porcelain, wood, leather, fabric, etc) to express her art on. She then focused on painting on canvases. She’s familiar with oil, acrylic, charcoal, watercolor and other different mixed medias.

After having been inspired by impressionists and figurative artists, she has found her path in abstract painting. She thinks abstract art has many beautiful stories to tell and creates good vibrations.

Her inspiration comes from everything she sees or listens to, from a movie to a song, from a child to an old person.
All arts communicate and that’s the reason why Zeina is also an author.

She wrote her personal art book untitled: “Mots Sur Couleurs” in 2016.

Another book was released in 2018 : “Non, je ne suis pas une blogueuse”.

Both written works were published at “Editions Noir Blanc Etc.”

She believes the greatest artwork is life.